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Short on Time or Money?

Often we use excuses rather than looking deeper into why we are creating what is showing up for us in our lives. Even the amount of time or money you have, is a choice and you picked your current situation for a reason.

So ask yourself, “What am I getting out of this?” And see if you want to keep choosing the same and getting the same results.

When you have the courage to look at a secondary gain, or even something you may be afraid of stepping into, you’ll see why excuses are so valuable. They allow you to avoid what’s really going on.

So, for fun, next time to hear yourself saying “I don’t have the time or money,” instead pretend you couldn’t even use that reason. And notice either a fear that you don’t want to address, or simply own what you would prefer to do with your time or money instead.

This is a tough one. We all find ourselves victims to the “I have to (make money, do this)” rather than seeing that it’s always a choice.

What do you want to choose for yourself today?

Check out the video above for my #1 solution when you find yourself short on time or money – or both.

Be well, Have fun!

Excuses from Kerry Dontchos on Vimeo.

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