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John 2“I’ve been working with Kerry for 20 years . . .

. . . and it just keeps getting better!

Fun, enlightening and empowering.

Why stop?”

John Holden
Sonoma, California
Professional Clairvoyant and Teacher

“I was being very hard on myself ~ not taking time to exercise, meditate, Anne Ribordynot able to juggle friends and family into my busy work schedule.

After working with Kerry, I have learned to meditate, call my energy back and separate from work and social relationship. This gives me more time to relax and spend with my boyfriend.

I enjoy continuing to build my skills and tune my spirit. I feel more alive! I am more aware of feelings and thoughts. I am better at relaxing now.

I also feel that my relationship with my boyfriend just gets better and better as we grow closer and closer. And, I’m able to juggle my busy schedule and see friends!

I am so excited and thankful about these improvements. I have been recommending this work to everyone that may need some guidance.

I am so thankful for all of the direction you have given me in order to make my life exactly what I want ~ filled with the most love, fun, health and spirituality that it can get.

Thank you, Kerry, for helping me clear the stale energy and help get my vibrant energy out in the universe. I feel that I can achieve anything I put my mind to.”

Anne Ribordy
Chicago, IL
Admissions nurse

Kelly Larson 2“I’ve always loved the freedom and flow psychic development circles, but this is so cool…

I was just working on my stuff and using the tools when others were talking. Another person working on buying her first home totally rubbed off on me.

My husband and I had been casually talking about our dream home and what we would want.  Then, it just fell in our lap.  We couldn’t It was exactly what we were looking for!

So, we went to look at it the next day. It’s in the neighborhood we love, with 3 of my friends in walking distance, in the area close to our schools.

We made an offer ~ that day! And they accepted. Looks like we’re moving!

This is so funny and unexpected.  I could see our realtor’s (friend’s) energy trying to interfere and I could see my husband getting affected by it, but I It went smooth, even over some of the bumps.

And, I was so confident and calm through the whole process.”

Kelly Larson Furmanek
LaGrange, IL
Stay-at-Home mom and Acupuncturist

“Kerry coached me to ask the Universe to reward me in a positive way. I kept saying to myself yesterday, ‘Please Raychelle Kroma 2reward me in a positive way for all the hard work I’ve been doing.’

Today at work, I got a $3,000 bonus for my job performance!!! I can’t believe it.”

Raychelle Kroma
Brookfield Illinois
Group Billing Administrator
Mom of Twins

Sharbles“In one reading with Kerry, she instantly picked up on a problem I’d been having in my business. And in a matter of minutes, she walked me through the exact steps to turn it around.

Her guidance not only relieved the issue for good, but she gave me more peace, more clarity and more energy. And all that translated into programs for my business that were far more lucrative and fun.”

Sharon Desjarlais
Boynton Beach, Florida
Business Owner

“I just wanted to tell you that I love getting your emails.

You do a great job staying in front of us without it being invasive or overkill. And you always provide useful, interesting content.”

Lisa Stockon
Napa, California

Who“I’ll do this work for the rest of my life with you. Because I love it.”

Neda Bajalo
Lincolnwood, IL

“Thanks for the meditation! It was very validating for me. Afterwards I went to a bar. I had at least 5 men who came up to talk to me. They all started with ‘Hello.’  How validating to have these ‘Hellos’ from strangers.”

Julie Kramer
Chicago, IL
Owner/Designer at Shift Clothier, Inc.

“Before working with Kerry, I was easily drawn into drama. I’d be going along in my day having a good time when someone would come in and start complaining.

Before I knew it, I was sucked right in. Their problem became my problem. Not any more. Now I see what is happening and can listen, unattached to what is being said. Wow, my life is so much easier now!”

Sally DiCesare
Alexandria, Virginia
Dental Hygienist

“Thank you, Kerry! This meditation felt really good. I think the main thing that came up for me was feeling a little hurt. I had no idea I was feeling that before.

With this technique I could feel some kind of release. Thanks for your help!”

Sara Larsen
Glenview, IL
Health and Running Coach
Stay-at-Home Mom

“Kerry, I just love that, all my past stereotypes of a clairvoyant aside, you are so darn down to earth and accessible. It’s like, ‘Okay, let’s sit down over a beer and change your life.’ I think this is a great strength and it comes through in your work.”

Michelle Noble
Edmonds, Washington
Stay-at-Home Mom
Business Owner

“I just love coming here. If it weren’t for Dynamic Ease, I really don’t know where I’d be right now. It has shaped my life in so many ways.”

Ivor Hadziomerovic
Lincolnwood, IL
College Student.

“I love cord-cutting technique. I was surprised at number and density of cords and the lightness I experienced after filling in with gold.”

Jerry Campbell
Chicago, IL

“During the chakra workshop, I had an image of watering a garden when addressing my 1st chakra. It reminded me to spend time nourishing my basic needs.”

Jessica Jackson
Chicago, IL

“Kerry is the key that enabled me to open the door. My life is exploding right now. And I am ready.”

Jean-Pierre Bernier
Wilmette, IL

“The tools you provided me have already been incorporated into my day to day and the change is significant. I look forward to more.”

Katya Sidelnik
Park Ridge, IL
Yoga Instructor

“The sense of calm and grounded-ness that I felt from yesterday’s class is still with me today.  Thanks for your guidance, generosity and passion for wellness.”

Leah Philipp
Chicago, IL
Massage Therapist

“I’ve been dealing with a woman in my business who is like Pig Pen from Peanuts, walking around in a cloud of negative energy. After your class, I could view her negativity from a distance, and even laugh about it.

I’ve recognized that my lesson has to do with boundary setting and valuing my worth. And I have maintained that bubbly feeling of gratitude that filled me during the meditation.

Gotta tell you, I seriously LOVE my life right now!  My inner growth and understanding is SO fun – and even more fun that my outer life is beginning to mirror and reflect this inner growth. Such a high.”

Sue Krebs
Lakeville, Minnesota
Owner at Soul Speaking

“Kerry is absolutely genuine and charming. I need to still my mind and this actually works. The session was so calming for my mind, my body, and my breath. I left feeling relief.

I find these things necessary for maintenance and to counter the stress and anxiety, a/k/a my life.”

Linda Thomson
Chicago, IL

“Your e-zine is amazing! I noticed I am attracting toxic people and situations. So, I started the process of de-cluttering my room and my life.

I’m seeing things that I’ve held onto from a harsh time in my life. Now I’m clearing my energy to have other things that are more positive and productive come into my life.”

Paula White
Chicago, IL

“I feel so renewed and steadied by our consultation and your reflections. Taking the focus off paying debt and onto thriving for the sake of thriving feels like the key.

I already feel lighter and more enthusiastic.”

Chicago, IL

“After our Freedom and Flow circle, I felt that wavy chill down my spine and a bit towards my lower back area on both sides again.

It was a cool feeling to have happen ~ completely unexpected and it was reassuring that the energy was working somehow!

It was good to feel something working on me and to gain a tool that I can hopefully get to work on my own.”

Robin Roseth
Chicago, IL
Owner-Operator at Cats in the City.

“I always read your emails and I feel your spirit in each one sent. I enjoy hearing all your stories, suggestions and insights. I do listen to my audio and find it very helpful.

Thank you for sharing your GIFTS with all of us.”

Suzanne Schmidt

“After the Having Your Relationships meditation I met a guy…while shopping at Home Depot! We had a date this weekend.”


“Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your touch on my life. The stress release homework was very helpful today.”


“The meditation on grounding your home was amazing! I had my first full night’s sleep in weeks after that!!”


“I always wondered, and often doubted, that there would be THE perfect match ~ The soul mate.

Shortly after the reading with you, I met someone. She is the one person that without a doubt completely matches me. I really thought that it wasn’t there for me.

You have a special gift and a very amazing spirit. Thank You.”


“Thank you so much for your session! All I can say is WOW! It is like a wall was removed since you cleared the controls. I am like Action Jackson now!

I feel like I can get stuff done. Now is the appointed time! Today is the day of my good fortune!”


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